All The Best Singlehood Series Stories And Short Stories On The Blog From 2021

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Some days you just want to chill and read a story that makes you laugh or reflect on human nature. The team at Potentash do a lot of creative writing (in case you didn’t know) so we have some great short stories. But let’s start with some of your stories on dating – The Singlehood Series.

  1. Let us start with a guy who meets an older woman who is well off & wants to spend money on him. He is not doing so well financially. The Singlehood Series: My Friends Found Out I Was Dating An Older Woman

2. “So, how did you meet?” one asked.


“When did you start dating?”

“Dating? This is the first time I’m meeting him in person.”

The Singlehood Series: I Invited Her To A House Party And She Embarrassed Me

3. One of her friends organized a blind date for her with a colleague. Things were going ok but he sure seemed to know a lot about her. I Went On A Date With My Instagram Stalker Without Knowing It

4. Alex really went through it. His workmate decided to set Alex up with his sister. It was a bit awkward on the phone but they decided to meet up. He Went On A Blind Date And Had Dinner With The Wrong Girl

5. Talking of awkward dates, she needed a date for a friend’s wedding so she went to a dating site. He was different in person but she decided to give it a go anyway. My Date Offered Me Money So I Could Leave

6. They had been having drama in their relationship but they usually resolved it. She was excited when he asked her out for Valentine’s day. He Took Me Out On A Valentine’s Date Then Broke Up With Me

7. Things had been rocky in their relationship and she suspected that her boyfriend was cheating on her.  Her friend suggested she put a camera in his room to find out if he was cheating.

8. The way they met it seemed like the beginning of a perfect love story. He thought so at least but it was not to be. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you expect. The Singlehood Series: How I Met My Baby Mama

9. I am beginning to see a pattern with the blind dates thing. She went on a blind date & the guy sent her a message that he would chips funga her – a message meant for her friend who organized the date. Awkward!

10. She liked this guy & she was also bisexual. She decided to tell him in an interesting way & it didn’t go quite the way she planned. He Broke Up With Me After Finding Out I Was Bisexual

11. She was all dressed up and excited about her date with her crush.  Well, she did get surprised about where they ended up. The Singlehood Series: My Crush Took Me On A Date To A Pyramid Scheme Meeting

12. “Why don’t you like politics?”

“I don’t gain anything from it.”

“So, you’re one of those people who don’t vote?”

“What if I am?” He Talked Politics On Our First Date And It Was A Turnoff For Me

13. Her crush sent her pictures of some jewellery & told her to choose what she liked. I Thought My Crush Was Buying Me A Gift, Only To Find Out That He Wanted Me To Buy It From His Business

14. “I see someone has been taking notes.”

“Yeah. I’ve been stalking you for years.”

At the moment, I thought it was a cute thing to say but I soon found out it wasn’t. The Singlehood Series: I Confessed To Stalking Her On The First Date


Black couple on couch talking amiably - key sex questions for partners
Black couple on the couch talking amiably – key sex questions for partners
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15. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But sometimes going on one of those dating or hookup apps can make you realize well better the devils you know. The Singlehood Series: I Had Three Crazy Tinder Experiences Which Forced Me To Delete The App

16. They were supposed to be going out for a date on Sunday. But when he found out that she hadn’t yet been to church and wasn’t planning to go he took her to his church. The Singlehood Series: He Asked Me Out On A Brunch Date But Took Me To Church Instead

17. She gave birth and immediately her boyfriend started pressuring her to go to the gym and even accused her of being lazy for not going. She struggled with being a new mum, postpartum depression, and being in an emotionally abusive relationship

18. They say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But sometimes you want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Choices have consequences. I Broke Up With My Boyfriend To Experience The Dating Scene In Nairobi Only To Be Extremely Disappointed!

19. Nairobi is the headquarters of the Institute of Character Development. Sometimes you land on the perfect partner and think that everything is wonderful. Until you get that surprise shock. I Thought She Was Wife Material But She Was Playing The Long Con

20. Sometimes relationships that start out good end up as something else. While you may wish the best for your friends you can’t make decisions for them about their relationships. When Your Friend Is In An Abusive Relationship With Her Boyfriend

21. You can date somebody for years and think that you know them. Only to find out that they had secrets, the kind that breaks up relationships. The Singlehood Series: I Found Out He Had A Child Two Weeks To Our Traditional Wedding

22. “I’m so sorry I’m late, guys,” she said. He was trailing right behind her.

He smiled at us & I could feel my friends fake smiling at him.

“Yeah, we worked things out. We’re back together. My Friend Went Back To Dating The Guy That Gave Her An STD

23. She had never met her best friend’s boyfriend – her BF was pretty secretive about him but eventually planned for them to meet. But she met him eventually. Only that she didn’t know he was. She Slept With Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend By Mistake

24. They met in university but didn’t date then. She was the life of the party and he was the opposite. But she didn’t do drugs. But by the time they reconnected she was ready to date a nice guy. But… My Date Thought It Was Romantic To Offer Me Drugs

25. A friendship can be ruined by one person catching feelings for the other especially if it is complicated by a one night stand that one party regrets. The Singlehood Series: My Best Friend Fell For Me And Now Our Relationship Is Ruined

26. It seems that you may never really know a person you thought you liked or loved. Like this one who decided to be petty and ask for his gifts back. The Singlehood Series: When They Broke Up, He Asked Her To Return Everything He Had Ever Gifted Her

27. She kind of liked him. Then he invited her to meet his friends. She liked his friend better and he gave her his number to call him. What to do? The Singlehood Series: When You Find Out That Your Talking Stage Has A Better Looking Best Friend

28. He invited her to come to his house. There was no food or anything to drink so she ordered some delivered. He said he was broke yet a few days later… When He Lies To You That He Is Broke, Then You Find Out He Is Treating Himself To Expensive Spa Dates

29. She had gone over to his house for some good loving. At some point, he disappeared for a while & when he came back she knew something was up. The Singlehood Series: Her Fling Hid In The Kitchen To Eat Food By Himself While She Was At His House

30. This story is not quite a singlehood series story. We will allow it because he is single after he found out about his wife’s betrayal. I Ignored All The Red Flags And Married My Wife – Only For Her To Betray My Trust

31. There are other singlehood series not covered in this thread but you can find them on the blog. Rounding off the stories from The Singlehood Series – Have You Ever Been ‘The Other Woman?’ Here Are Real Life Stories Of Women Who Had To Find Out The Hard Way

Short stories

32. Zawadi is a maid working for a rich family. But she is not just the maid, she is the illegitimate daughter of the diplomat who is the head of the household. Her evil stepmother is a powerful lawyer. Sexy Cinderella It’s Almost Midnight

33. Her husband had been going to the office. One day she decided to surprise him and go see him in the office. I Went To Surprise My Husband At The Office Only To Find Out He Had Been “Working From Home” During The Pandemic

34. She was grieving her husband. He had been a good husband. But she was about to get a big shock- her husband had been living a double life. Her Husband’s Death Revealed Another Side Of Him

35. The new girl at the office seemed familiar. But then it finally clicked how she knew her. The New Girl At The Office Turned Out To Be My Husband’s Side Chick

36. What does it take to live your dream when everyone else doesn’t take it too seriously and they ask you to get a real job. Do you pursue your dream job or do you go with what will make you money in the short term? The Dreamer Part 1

37. Lemayian was living his best life as a guide in the wild where he co-owned a camp. A mysterious stranger comes to visit and weird things start happening. Secrets are revealed. A new path opens. Halloween special – The Gift Or Was It A Curse?

38. They met and connected. There was just something about him that made her like him instantly. But she had responsibilities so she was not sure anything could come of it. Could He Be The One? A Night In The City

39. When her friend told her she was getting married, she wasn’t thrilled about it. She thought she would have gotten married before her friend after all she was the more responsible, stable one. My Friend Is Getting Married But I Feel Some Type Of Way

40. Maggie had a good marriage or so she thought. When she finds out her husband is having an affair and his mistress is pregnant she panics. Her husband is rich & if they divorce she gets nothing. Regrets Are For The Weak, Only The Strong Survive And Thrive

41. She liked the soft life and she had found somebody to give it to her. But eventually, when he met the family as a “friend” there was a complication. My Friend Found Out That The Older Guy She Was Dating Was Related To Her

42. What happens when you are in the news for all the wrong reasons? Like you were having sex and your lover collapsed. How do you recover from that? My Lover Died During The Act Leaving Me Devastated And Traumatized

43. Susan has three problems. A failing restaurant, a proposal from her current lover and a love for somebody who has moved on from his crush for her. Sweet Cakes Will Not Get You Love Or Keep You Warm At Night (Part 1)

44. She wanted a little excitement in her life. She was bored of her marriage and so she had a fling and opened a pandora’s box. Her Husband Was The Perfect Man, Perfect But Boring. An Affair Lead to Complications And Unveiled Hidden Secrets

45. She was feeling lonely because her husband was away for the holidays. My Husband Made It The Best Christmas With A Wonderful Surprise That I Wasn’t Expecting 

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