7 Ways To Deal With Sagging Skin

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Sagging skin happens when there’s a natural loss and weakening of elastin and collagen. As you get older, your skin will start to sag and it can sometimes seem like there’s nothing you can do. However, don’t fret. There are a few ways you can deal with sagging skin. Hereinbelow are some of those ways


Using a moisturizer can do wonders when it comes to preventing skin sagging. You should use moisturizer products that contain Vitamin E and Vitamin C on both your neck and face every morning and night. Moisturizing will help keep the skin firm and smooth even as it ages. 6 Benefits Of Incorporating Moisturizer In Your Skincare Routine

Quit Smoking

People that smoke are more prone to getting sagging skin compared to those that don’t. Not only can smoking make you look older than you really are, but it can also lead to numerous diseases, including cancer. Kicking this habit could help lead you to look younger than ever before. The Dangers Of Vaping


You can prevent sagging skin by doing facial exercises. Yasmin Karachiwala, a world-renowned celebrity fitness trainer, has several facial exercises that help keep the skin firm and smooth as well as help eliminate double-chin. Regular exercise is a great way to age well and stay healthy. A recent study found how age-related skin changes can be reduced with endurance exercise. What Type Of Exercises Are Right For You?

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Diet plays a huge part in skin health. Nutritional supplements can sometimes help prevent sagging skin. For example, collagen supplements can help improve the moisture in the skin by increasing hyaluronic acid levels.

Antioxidative enzymes and antioxidants can also help prevent sagging skin by neutralizing ROS (reactive oxygen species). ROS are components that can help lead to the degradation of collagen. 6 Things You Should Know Before Taking Supplements


Massages not only stimulate fibroblasts but can also improve blood flow. Fibroblasts play a huge role when it comes to the production of connective tissues, like elastin and collagen, that help keep skin smooth and firm. Some studies have shown that massages can help increase mitochondrial production. Mitochondria help in cellular and tissue metabolism.

A Balanced Diet

Processed foods can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Not only can they cause your skin to sag but they can be very harmful to the skin in general as well. For firm and healthy skin, eat fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Peanuts, chickpeas, eggs, and celery are some of the foodstuffs that can help prevent and manage sagging skin.

Avoid Sugary, Sweet Drinks 

Starchy and sweet foods and drinks can cause the skin to age faster than it should. Avoid consuming too many sweets, sugary drinks, like sodas and fruit punches, if you want to keep firm, smooth skin for longer. The Bitter Truths About Sugar

In most cases, like those regarding hormonal changes from ageing, it can be extremely difficult to prevent sagging skin entirely. Sagging skin doesn’t require treatment, and it isn’t harmful to health. However, some people just don’t like how it looks.

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