7 Health Benefits Of Coconuts

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Coconuts have been used for their tasty flesh, oil, milk, and water for thousands of years now. They’ve been growing in tropical parts of the world for over 4,000 years. However, they’ve recently become more popular for their culinary uses, flavour, and potential health benefits. Though undeniably tasty, many are not aware of how beneficial they are to their health.

There are a lot of reasons why you should think about incorporating coconuts into your diet. From boosting heart health to fighting bacteria, this fruit offers many health benefits that are enough to convince anyone to start eating more of them. Here are some health benefits of coconuts.

High in Nutrients 

Coconuts are known to mostly provide fats. However, they also contain tiny amounts of Vitamin B, and several other important minerals and protein. One of the minerals it has in plenty is manganese, which is important for the metabolism of cholesterol, proteins, and carbohydrates as well as being vital for bone health. They also contain iron and copper, which are essential in the production process of red blood cells.

Improves Heart Health 

Studies have shown that those who frequently consume coconut meat and reside on islands are less prone to experiencing heart disease compared to those people on a more Westernized diet. Also, using coconut oil can help give higher levels of HDL cholesterol, which is a good kind. The oil can have a neutral effect on your cholesterol level. 7 Ways To Use Coconut Milk In Cooking

Enhances Weight Loss 

If you’re having a tough time getting rid of excess weight, then coconuts could potentially be the solution you need. They have medium-chain fatty acids that boost metabolism and help in weight loss simultaneously. The fats burn off as energy instead of sticking to the belly. Furthermore, it helps detoxify the body and balance the digestive tract. 

Improves Skin Health 

Coconut oil can also help keep the skin looking young and healthy. Coconuts have antioxidants that can help protect the skin from UV rays and allow it to age slower. You only need to apply a couple of drops every day. Do this before you shower so that your skin absorbs the oil easier and faster. 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Milk On Your Hair And Skin

Keeps You Hydrated 

When you drink the water contained in coconuts, you’ll be consuming your fill of electrolytes. In fact, young coconuts will give you all you’ll ever need. Coconuts have the highest levels of electrolytes of any other fruit. This component is mainly what helps keep the body hydrated. In addition, they also allow both your muscles and nerves to function at an optimum level.

Fight Bacteria

Coconuts have lauric acid. When you digest lauric acid, the body produces something known as monolaurin. Monolaurin helps the body fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi to prevent infections. They can even kill Candida Albicans, which is what causes yeast infections in humans.

Encourages Healthy Bones and Teeth

Eating coconuts can help improve the health of your bones and teeth. How you might ask? Well, coconuts can improve the body’s ability to absorb both calcium and manganese, which not help prevent osteoporosis but is crucial when it comes to bone development. Additionally, coconuts are beneficial for people who suffer from joint aches and other bone-related ailments such as arthritis since strong bones con handle pressure better. 11 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

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