How To Use Affirmations To Rewire Your Brain And Change Your Life

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Almost everything we believe is circumstantial. We believe because we have experienced things happening first hand or heard about them from other people. In short, it’s all a matter of perspective, which begs the question as to whether truth is subjective or objective. That aside, it may be true that the way we view ourselves is skewed and may not be the ultimate truth. Even worse, it may be hindering us from achieving the best that we can for ourselves.

Maybe you were a child and someone said to you that you will never become successful. You absorbed it and took it as gospel truth. Now, even as an adult, you are unable to be the best version of yourself because you turned this statement into your reality without even knowing. How can you change this? You will need to rewire your brain using affirmations, such that you start believing in a different truth that will help you achieve what you want from life.

Remember, thoughts are extremely powerful. Thoughts become things. So make sure you are creating what you truly desire for yourself. Research shows that the power of boiling down positive thoughts to simple, repeated phrases rewires the brain and boosts psychological resources. In fact, this simple tool can help change your life.

Here is how to use affirmations to rewire your brain and change your life.

1. Use visualization

Truth be told, we all have a different idea of what success looks like. Some want to be wealthy, others want a stable happy family, while others are simply after peace of mind. Whatever it may be for you, using visualization with your positive affirmations can quickly help you to rewire your brain. Close your eyes and imagine yourself with your beautiful family, driving the car of your life, travelling to expensive places, or whatever other dreams you have. Affirm that you are wealthy, healthy, successful, powerful, and happy. Say it out loud and say it with conviction.

The more real we make what it is we’re affirming, the stronger the neural connections become. It helps if we can visualise ourselves as ‘having’, ‘being’, or ‘doing’ what it is we’re affirming, this makes it more experiential and more real.

2. Say it out loud

It’s one thing to read and internalise a positive affirmation, but it’s another thing to actually say it out loud, with conviction. The best way to do this is to look into a mirror as though you are talking to yourself and tell yourself all the good things. Say it. I am beautiful and deserving of all the good things in life. I am constantly attracting blessings and opportunities in life.

You should be saying affirmations out loud because doing so conditions your mind to behave positively. When reading out loud you form auditory links in your memory pathways and this is why it is effective. If you are repeatedly saying these affirmations out loud your subconscious is being embedded with these positive thoughts.

3. Write it down

There is a lot of power in writing. It’s no wonder journalling is an extremely effective method of pouring out your thoughts and improving your mental health. When it comes to affirmations, you don’t just want to affirm by word of mouth. Write it down. This is especially effective when you are in the middle of a crowd and don’t want to be seen talking to yourself.

The process of writing something down can create a sense of permanence that is greater than thoughts and spoken words. Writing your affirmations down as declarations can help slow the affirmation process down and allow time for them to sink.

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4. Use Subliminals

The whole idea of positive affirmations is to alter and improve the way in which you view yourself and your future. For this to happen you need to appeal to your subconscious mind, and this is where the real task is. It’s one thing to affirm yourself and it’s another thing to actually believe in your affirmations.

Subliminal positive affirmations are messages sent directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind. The affirmations are inaudible to the conscious mind, and only music is heard consciously. The subconscious hears the messages and follows these commands to produce the powerful changes you want to make.

Subliminal affirmations are sent to your subconscious mind by audio of an affirmation recorded, preferably in your voice, and played at a very high frequency so that your conscious mind could not hear them. One useful app that you may want to put to good use is the Heal My Life app.

5. Make use of technology

You really have no excuse in this digital era. There are so many applications that you can download onto your phone which have positive affirmations. You can download meditation guides on your phone which are embedded with positive affirmations.

One great app that you should consider is I am. It displays different positive affirmations on your phone throughout the day. Through this, every time you look at your phone you will read and affirm that you are worthy of every good thing that life has to offer.

6.  Be conscious of negative thought patterns and replace them

Affirmations will do nothing for you if you continue to entertain negative thoughts. As part of rewiring your brain, you will need to start spotting the negative thoughts that are constantly troubling you, and you will need to replace them.

The most powerful positive affirmations are going to be ones that go directly against the negative thought patterns you have. Identify a few of your ongoing negative thoughts by paying close attention to your thoughts over a week. It could be that you think you never work hard enough and find yourself saying, “I’m lazy.” Instead, try saying, “When I get tired, it’s okay to take a break.”

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