Parenting: Reasons To Fire Your Nanny

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Firing your nanny is a difficult decision, one that can be heavily fraught with doubt and understandable reluctance. Getting someone you can trust to watch and care for your children is far from easy and having to let someone who has been with you go is hard. Sometimes though your hand is forced, and you are left without a choice. Here are some reasons why you may need to fire your nanny.

Suspicion of abuse

One reason to fire your nanny is if you are concerned that they may be abusing your child. Don’t wait for evidence, immediately separate them from the child. Trust your gut instinct. Abuse may be physical, sexual, or mental. Pay attention to things like mysterious marks, injuries, sudden changes in your child’s demeanour, and behaviour that may be indicative of bigger underlying issues.

Some parents choose to install nanny cams just to keep an eye on things for their peace of mind. This, however, is a decision that is highly contested in the age of ubiquitous surveillance that we live in.

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Skills and performance

If your child always seems hungry or dirty when you get home, it is possible they are being neglected by their caregiver. You can fire your nanny if they are not handling their responsibilities as they should including paying attention to the child and meeting their needs. Another common complaint is nannies who are hooked to the TV and other electronics to the exclusion of all else including the child. A good nanny is skilled at their job and does it well.

Separation anxiety

It is expected that at first, the child will cry when you leave them alone with the nanny. This, however, should change over time. If the child continues to show fear and anxiety or appears withdrawn in their presence, it may be time to fire your nanny. That is a red flag you should not ignore even in the absence of other evidence of wrongdoing.

Child safety concerns

A key determinant of relationship success with your nanny is whether or not you trust them to keep your child safe. A good nanny will abide by the rules of the home and the guidelines you have communicated to them about everything from what the child gets to eat to things like how to lay the baby to sleep. The failure to abide by the house rules and safety regulations you have put in place is grounds to fire your nanny.


If you are certain they are stealing from you, you may need to fire your nanny. Such a person detracts something critical from your home which should be a place of calm and safety.


Trust is vital in the relationship between the parent and the nanny. If you catch them repeatedly lying, you may have reason to be concerned. You may be able to excuse what you consider small lies but not big lies. If the child also reveals things about the nanny that the nanny has been keeping a secret, that may be a red flag. For example, bringing guests to the house without letting you know and asking the child to keep it secret. Such dishonesty is sufficient reason to fire your nanny.

Substance abuse

Using alcohol and other drugs on the job is cause for immediate termination. You should fire your nanny if you find drugs that do not belong to you in the house. You should also do it if you smell alcohol or any other drugs on them or see any signs of substance abuse.


Reliability is critical when it comes to evaluating the value of a nanny. If they are constantly late or call in sick when they have no medical issue you know of, you would be justified if you wanted to fire your nanny. They are supposed to work together to help you and if they are unreliable, they may not be helpful.

Changes in your financial situation

Life happens and for one reason or another, your finances may be negatively impacted. Some people may be able to retain the nanny at maybe reduced hours while for others, you may be forced to fire your nanny altogether.

You’re moving or your needs change

You may have to rearrange things if you are moving to another place. Things may also need to change if your schedule changes or if your needs change. You may, for example, change shifts from night to daytime, or may begin working from home. All these may require you to fire your nanny.

During the hiring process, communicate what you expect from the nanny along with the rules and regulations you need them to observe. Find out what their skills are and consider availing further training such as first aid, as need be. This will go a long way in saving you from having to fire your nanny.

Parenting: 5 tips to keep in mind when recruiting a nanny

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