10 Body Shifts That Happen In Your 30s

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As much as age can be used to mark how mature you are, it also means you’re inevitably going to experience unwanted body shifts during the whole process. There’s a lot that’ll change once you hit your 30s. Here are some of the body shifts you can expect during this decade of your life.

Body Weight Gradually Increases 

As you grow older, your metabolism starts to deteriorate. This often shows when you start gradually growing bigger and bigger. Getting rid of excess weight around the belly region will start getting harder in your 30s. Adults typically tend to gain a bit more weight once they hit middle age. If you don’t exercise regularly or eat a balanced diet, this weight gain could quickly turn into obesity as time goes by.

Hangovers Get Worse

If you like to imbibe beyond your limits, you may have to cut back in your 30s unless you’re willing to deal with constant hangovers. The body is not able to absorb alcohol as efficiently which makes it stay in the system longer. So when you wake up with a pounding headache after a night out, remember that you’re not in your 20s anymore.

Changes in Periods 

Women start to experience menstrual changes once they hit their mid-30s. This could be because of a gradual decline in progesterone and estrogen levels. So, you might start to have light periods, at certain times, while other times you might experience heavier than usual flows.

Ticking Body Clock

Another thing that most people will probably go through is being subjected to inappropriate conversations and comments about their biological clock, which gets more prevalent once they hit 30. The subject of marriage and children will become a common topic in your life. This shouldn’t be cause for concern, though. Building a family should be done when you’re ready not when you feel like time is catching up to you.

Weakened Bones And Dental Problems

Your body breaks down bones faster than it can replace them in your mid-30s. Therefore, you become more prone to bone and dental problems especially if you don’t increase your calcium intake. Dental problems are also a result of reduced saliva production which in turn leaves the gums and teeth prone to bacterial attacks. 7 Foods That Promote Dental Health

Hormonal Changes 

These are words that many people dread. Hormones play a huge role in a human’s life. However, unfortunately, they become a total mess once you hit your 30s. Right from reduced fertility in both men and women to cognitive ageing that lead to anxiety, sleep disturbances, and mood swings, there’s plenty you’ll need to deal with once you enter this decade of your life. 10 Signs And Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Better Sex

Contrary to popular opinion, sex gets better with age and these are some of the perks of getting older. Once you get to 30, your sexual experience completely transforms. With experience, you have an idea of what to do and what you like. Additionally, at this age, you’re more comfortable with your physical appearance which makes it easier to have fun in the bedroom. 7 ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Mental Health Disorders 

Most people start bearing real responsibilities once they reach their 30s, and they continue to pile up as the years go by. This decade is also when your relationships can falter. These are a few reasons why you could end up falling prey to things like depression, anxiety, or even drug abuse. In the event you find yourself feeling down or low for more than fourteen days straight, consider seeking the advice of a good therapist. 7 Common Types Of Depression

Skin Health Deteriorates Faster

When you’re in your 20s, you could go paint the town red the whole night and still wake up looking fresh as a daisy the next day. Unfortunately, that’ll be a thing of the past once you hit your 30s. Your skin will feel these effects as well. It’ll take longer to recover from skin problems during this decade, and this could mean anything from sunburn to dry skin. Ensure you have a proper skincare routine once you hit your 30s.

How To Look 20 When You Are 30

Mood Changes 

Most people start dealing with the “quarter-life crisis” once they reach their 30s. You come from 29 thinking you have a lot of time to get your things together to now 30 where you start asking whether you’ve figured things out yet. This is usually a time of reckoning and with that comes a lot of mood changes all throughout the decade.

Despite these startling physical changes, it’s not all downhill once you get to 30. You will enjoy the perks that come with age such as understanding things better and getting emotional maturity. These can still be some of the best years of your life with the right mindset.

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