The Singlehood Series: The Married Guy She Was Dating For Six Months Ghosted Her After They Had Sex

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Doreen had been warned about married men several times, but each time she chose to ignore it. She thought that she was too mature for the men that were her age and that only much older men could fulfil her heart’s desires, including the financial ones.

“All you need to do is go to the right places, wear the right clothes, buy a glass of wine and wait,” One of her friends advised her one day.

That was how it worked for Doreen. That’s how she met Emmanuel. She did everything that she was advised to, and it worked.

“Hi beautiful, might this be yours?” Emmanuel said the first time they ever talked. He was pointing towards a hair tie that had fallen on the ground.

She turned around and was taken aback by how good looking he was.

“No, it’s not actually. But thank you, that’s kind of you,” she said.

“Are you here with someone? Can I join you?” he asked confidently.

“Yeah, of course, you can,” Doreen said casually, knowing that this encounter wasn’t going anywhere. He was already too forthcoming.

What she didn’t see coming was actually developing feelings for this guy. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Emmanuel was rich, flashy, and a great guy all in all. He gave her everything she wanted. She had been on two trips to Diani that year and was planning to go to Dubai in the coming months. Doreen never had to ask for anything. It was as though he could read her mind and deduce what she wanted, and he gave her just that. But there was only one problem.

In the six months that the two of them had known each other, Doreen had refused to sleep with him. It terrified her because she imagined that what they had would become deeper if sex was in the picture. She liked him a lot, but she was just not ready to go down that road with him. At least not then.

One day, Emmanuel had visited Doreen, and they were cuddled up in bed watching TV. They had had a few shots and were a little tipsy. One thing led to the other, and they finally had sex, just as Emmanuel had always wanted. Even though she had vowed to make him wait a bit longer (at the advice of her friends) she couldn’t control herself on this particular day.

“Thank you, dear, that was wonderful,” Emmanuel said at the end.

It was the most cringe statement she had heard in a while, but being with an older guy meant she had to tolerate a few things she didn’t resonate with. It was a small price to pay, especially after she enjoyed his hard-earned money every day.

“Darling,” he said, “I have to leave. I need to pick my daughter from school.”

Doreen said goodbye, moving closer to Emmanuel and reaching for a kiss.

It had now been two days since Doreen and Emmanuel did the deed. The problem was that ever since he had walked out of that door, Doreen had not heard from him. She had tried to call him, but the calls were all busy. When she texted, he responded with a template response, stating that he was unavailable to talk at that moment.

Doreen sat in her room, wondering what had gone wrong. After thinking of many probabilities, she landed at one thing. The only thing that made sense at that moment was that all along, Emmanuel was only after sex. He had gotten exactly what he wanted, and now he had probably moved on to the next catch.

A few months later, Doreen was having a conversation with a friend of hers. She opened up to her and told her what had happened. The part that she didn’t talk about was the fact that she actually had feelings for him. She claimed to have moved on.

“I have something to tell you about him. Can you believe he called me the other day? We’re going on a date next week. I hope you don’t mind,” her friend told her one day, months later.

“Oh, really? No, of course, I don’t,” Doreen said, trying to sound happy for her friend. But it was clear that she wasn’t excited.

“I have to go. Let’s talk a little later,” she said and hang up.

Doreen was still struggling to move on because she had made the mistake of falling for a married man. But it seems he had moved on and there was nothing she could do about it.

This is a fiction story based on a story that we found on Twitter.

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