12 Things That You Should Do Every Few Months

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A new year is upon us, and this time, I imagine that most of us are ready to make a change in our lives. Again, I would like to imagine that this change is positive, and will help you to lead a sustainably comfortable life.

Every few months, there are a few things that you may want to include in your plan that will help you conserve and sustain your life. Here are 12 things that you need to do every few months:

1. Change your toothbrush

No matter how much you clean it, your toothbrush is bound to carry with it a lot of bacteria, dirt, plaque and other unwanted particles. If you continue to use this toothbrush with all this debris, the bacteria will take over the brush. This can put you at higher risk of sickness because if you are dealing with a cold, flu, or other viral infection, you can reinfect yourself. The last reason you need to change your toothbrush is because over time, the bristles wear out and become more abrasive on your gums, which can lead to premature gum recession and inflammation in your gums.

Many dentists recommend that you change it every three to four months.

2. Flip or rotate your mattress

When you sleep on the same side of your mattress for a long period of time, what tends to happen is that your body eventually leaves a big imprint. Flipping the mattress or even rotating it can prevent these indents as you distribute weight across the bed. This helps it to last a much longer time.

How do you decide whether to flip or rotate it? Some mattresses come with clear instructions that you should not flip them. Not all mattresses are dual-sided. If this is the case, then you may opt to rotate it by turning it 180 degrees. The part where your head rests will now support your feet and vice versa. You should do this every four to six months.

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3. Deworm

How often do you remember to deworm? When was the last time you did it? Deworming is important for various reasons. It improves immunity, controls infections and increases nutritional uptake by the body. It’s not just for children, everyone needs to deworm.

If ignored, worms have the ability to form cysts in the liver and lungs, leading to pneumonia and other neurological conditions. For this reason, experts recommend that deworming should get done twice a year or every six months, starting from the age of two years. Health: Deworming – Why It Is Important And How To Deworm

4. Digitally declutter

Our phones and other devices tend to hold a lot of useless information and data. We have pictures, messages, notes, alarms, apps, emails and reminders which we probably don’t even need. As you put together a list of things to do every few months, don’t forget to digitally declutter. Digital decluttering can save you money as your current device might still be good enough, it’s just overloaded. It can also earn you money as your productivity and focus are improved, which can lead to better work/business. You may choose to do this every two to four months.

5. Edit your closet

Another area of your life that you may need to look at is your wardrobe. Depending on how often you treat yourself to new clothes, you may end up with a full wardrobe, and yet still nothing to wear. If this is the case, then you may consider building a capsule wardrobe by editing your wardrobe down to your favourite clothes, remixing them regularly, and shopping less often and more intentionally. Donate the clothes that you no longer wear and keep the ones you need only. Every few months, you will need to sit down and think about your wardrobe. How can you make it more efficient, sustainable, and affordable?

6. Evaluate your finances

Evaluating your finances every few months is important. This is not to say that you won’t do it more regularly, but that you can see the bigger picture after a few months. Every quarter of the year, your financial situation may change for the better or worse. It’s important to sit down and analyse once more, see how much progress you have made and check to see how much more you can make. This will enable you to make clearer goals based on your current situation and future expectations.

7. Go for a medical checkup

If you are privileged enough to afford it, then you definitely need to go for a medical checkup. There have been so many tragic stories of people who died prematurely simply because, for one reason or the other, their conditions were not detected in good time. So, if you can, schedule an appointment and do a full medical checkup every few months.

8. Clear out some makeup products

With makeup or any other products that you apply on your face, you need to be super careful. Makeup products such as beauty blenders tend to absorb a lot of dirt and bacteria. Using them for too long might take you many steps backwards in terms of achieving your skincare goals. Clear out and replace your eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner every 3 months in order to avoid bacterial growth that could cause an eye infection.

For products such as foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer, highlighter and the likes, usually, there will be a specific date of expiry attached on the packaging. Even so, liquid foundation and highlighter generally last for 12 months. For concealer, experts recommend that you get a new bottle or tube every six to eight months. Powder and bronzer may last a little longer, and the recommended time to keep it is 18 months.

Lastly, you need to replace your makeup brushes fully replaced every three months or sooner if they shed bristles, become discoloured, or have an unusual smell. This is because, after a while, they trap dirt, harbour germs, and create a breeding ground for unpleasant microbes.

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9. Replace your water filter

If you use a water filter at home, then you will also need to clear it out and replace it every few months, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Not doing this may attract bacteria and other germs that can cause illnesses. Read the user manual and be sure to follow it, as advised. Above this, replacing water filters regularly or as needed ensures that your filtered water system continues to work efficiently at removing the contaminants from drinking water.

10. Herbs, spices and flours

Many of us forget to go over herbs and spices to check for expiry dates. Sometimes we completely forget about these herbs and spices and come back to them much later. Different spices have different shelf lives, and you must be keen to notice and replace them. Whole spices usually stay fresh for about four years. On the other hand ground spices run between three and four years. Lastly, when it comes to dried herbs, many will last from one to three years, but this will change depending on the spice itself. Sometimes lids are not closed too tight and they get insects and webs so it is important to regularly check your spices and flours.

11. Supplements and medication

Another area of your life that you may need to focus on is supplements and medication. Some people keep a cabinet with general medication such as painkillers, while others are on supplements and vitamins. Whatever the case, and depending on the expiry dates, you will need to change and monitor this cabinet every few months. This is essential if you only take vitamins or painkillers every once in a while.

12. Pillows

Pillows make our lives more comfortable and for some even, they improve the quality of sleep. Even so, they need to be changed every so often. Apart from the pillowcase which probably needs to be changed much more frequently (every two weeks or so), your pillow is likely to gather dust, dirt, oil, dead skin, hair, and allergens. This is unhealthy and can make you ill. The National Sleep Foundation advises that you replace your pillows every year or two. They also recommend washing your pillows at least once every six months. Lifestyle: Things To Consider When Buying Pillows

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